Welcome to our Meet Me at Maynards History Walk, brought to you by Tucson Medical Center. Our goal is that you learn some things about our downtown you might not have known. Please understand this is not meant to be an inclusive history, nor does it include every historically important building and site along the route. Our hope is that it gives you a sense of the rich history of our downtown, and a curiosity that will keep you learning.

We owe a big thank you to three individuals: Demion Clinco, CEO of the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation, for providing most of the history; to Jimmy Stewart, retired KVOA meteorologist, for the narration, and to Kerry Whelan, aka GOATographer, for his beautiful photographs.

Assuming that you are standing in front of Maynards Market, let’s begin with a look across Toole Avenue to the historic Hotel Congress.

To begin, please click the blue button below.