1186 W Telles St

Casa Cordova House (17/29)

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Casa Cordova House…Directly northwest of the blue arch at the Art Museum.

Evidence suggests the Cordova House may be one of the oldest surviving structures in Tucson, dating as early as 1848. The house certainly existed in 1862, according to the Fergusson Map. It is a single story dwelling constructed of unfired adobe block with walls that are approximately 24 inches thick. Fenestration is simple and direct. The windows are double hung and embellished with only a simple panel door. There are no porches or roof overhangs. In typical Mexican Town House style, the doors open directly onto the street and walkway.

Continue south through El Presidio Park, and between the State Courthouse and the Pima County Administration Building. Cross the foot bridge and descend stairs into La Placita. On center sidewalk continue east to Church St. Turn right to crosswalk, cross Church…turn right to Ochoa and then left on Ochoa to Scott Avenue. Turn left on Scott Avenue for a short distance to what is now the Udall Center, formerly Thomas Davis Clinic.