160 S Scott Ave

Scottish Rite Temple (19/29)

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Scottish Rite Temple…160 S. Scott Avenue

The formation of a Scottish Rite floundered unfulfilled until 1903 when new interest was sparked. The Phoenix group wanted to move the Tucson body to Phoenix but General George J. Roskruge rejected their plan. The Lodge then blossomed into a class of 24 initiates and, under his leadership, the Lodge of Perfection was formed once again. And this time it flourished. General Roskruge was named Venerable Master. The Lodge moved to a new location where A.V. Grossetta took over the entire second floor to build the Opera House. This building is now home to the State Theater.

The design and construction of the current Tucson Scottish Rite Cathedral was started sometime before Arizona Statehood and the building’s cornerstone was laid on December 8, 1915. The building was officially dedicated in 1916.

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