200 S 6th Ave

Tucson Children’s Museum (22/29)

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Tucson Children’s Museum…200 S. 6th Street

After a few false starts, the first Tucson Public Library opened its doors in 1886 with 800 books and nearly all the leading magazines. By 1890, it was the only free public library in the territory.

In 1899, philanthropist Andrew Carnegie offered a $25,000 grant to Tucson to fund the library building. Designed by architect Henry Trost, the Carnegie Free Library was completed in 1901. It served the public as Tucson’s Main Library for 90 years.

In 1991, the library was moved to North Stone Avenue and this building became home to the Tucson Children’s Museum. It is a favorite destination for local families and visitors.

Cross to the east side of S 6th St. and continue north across 12th St.