111 S 5th Ave

The Lewis Hotel (25/29)

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The Lewis HotelSE corner of Broadway Boulevard and 5th Avenue

Constructed in 1917 on East Broadway, the Lewis Hotel was one of several built in response to Tucson’s growing popularity as a health resort. City fathers began a national campaign in the late 1800s touting Tucson’s healthy climate and unique cultural resources. The two-story Lewis Hotel was designed with guest rooms on the second floor and stores below with access from the street. The front of the building’s exterior featured pressed brick with neoclassical detailing and a screened second-story porch where guests gathered to catch a cooling breeze.

Next historic landmark is on 4th Ave. and 9th St. You may continue east on Broadway to the Snake Bridge and cross heading north. Veer left and continue on the sidewalk to 4th Ave. For a more direct route, Turn left on 5th Ave., and continue north one block to Congress. Turn right and go one block east to 4th Ave. Walk north through the underpass to 9th St. The Coronado Hotel is on the SE corner.